There's hopefully a time in your life where you take a step back to decide what its all about. Figure out just what the hell you really want. What's real, and what's not. And if you're anything like me, there'll be many of these times - times like now, when I've decided with conviction to take a new direction.

Human education is flourishing. Formal education still needs help. I will do my part.

Since the end of my formal schooling in 2003 and throughout my 9 years at Google, the learning process has been transformed in a way we won't see again until we are downloading programs directly into our brains ("I know Kung Fu", by the way, is not as far off as you may think!).

Now I'm not just talking about classroom learning. (We'll get there.) I'm talking about the shrinking gap (in some cases elimination) between the desire to know, and the knowing. Between the question and the answer. And the tools available have become so frickin' good, I now just assume that if I want something to exist, it probably already does, and probably someone has already written extensively about it. If you are reading this, then you can teach yourself almost anything, on any device, at any time.  

Waiting for Superman. Khan Academy. Chapter 14 of Abundance. Mainstream awareness and the desire for change exist, and have existed for decades now. So what's new? What's changed?

Everything. And nothing.

I'll cover both -- the fancy new tech with all its potential and pitfalls, but just as (or perhaps more importantly), the critical history lessons we can learn from to avoid the big mistakes along the way.

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